Don’t prefix your test names with “test”

Please don’t start every JUnit test method name with the word “test“.

public void testParsingAnEmptyStringShouldReturnAnEmptyDocument();

I know JUnit used to require this convention in order to figure out which methods to run. That was before JUnit4 came out… 6 years ago. There is no need to include it any more.

public void parsingAnEmptyStringShouldReturnAnEmptyDocument();

We know it is a test from the @Test annotation just before it. Having every test method start with “test” is about as useful as having every method start with “method“. If everyone has it, there is no need to have it at all. The same goes for other prefixes, such as “verify“.

The same goes for the setUp() and tearDown() methods of JUnit 3. Now, we use @Before and @After instead, so please tell me what the method is doing instead.

public void initializeObjectDatabase();

public void releaseFileHandles();

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